Consideration of New Weekly Style ‘Teaching’ Method for Catechism

I’m considering a ‘weekly’ program instead of daily and it would also be audio and blog.  I would like to renew many of what the ‘cradle’ Catholics and CCD taught Catholics would say was a rote Catechism style.  However, there are certain principles, Sacraments, Ten Commandments, Seven Deadly Sins, Virtues, Angels, etc.  The new Catechism that we went through in a year elsewhere in this blog was an excellent tool in going into depth what we believe.

I was in a meeting where I expected the attendees to know some of the questions they were asked because of their lay ministry positions.  I was really embarrased for the individuals who had to be coached on what the 7 Sacraments were or the 10 Commandments.  I certainly understand if you couldn’t remember the Beatitudes or 7 Deadly Sins because perhaps it has been a long time since needing to teach your children or continuous learning of the faith for others.

What was noticeable would be that my generation skipped teaching the ‘tenants’ of our Faith, Catholic doctrine, Catechism, sitting down and discussing our wonderful beliefs that make us proud to be Catholic Christians.  I would implore you to join the RCIA program in your parish — it isn’t just for new converts; we frequently have new or cradle Catholics who want to brush up on their Catholic skills!  Or encourage others, if I should decide to do this program in a teaching attitude.

I am thinking it would run 10 – 20 minutes depending on the subject I would like to focus on for that week.  I would also ask what day of the week would be good for most people.  It really doesn’t matter I suppose with podcasts — you can download and listen to them any time you’d like.  Would that be too long a program to keep you interested or would longer be expected?

Thanks for your input.  I may be reached:  BrotherPorter

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